Civic Solutions to Prepare Biomedical Assessment and Overlay ZoneCity of Downey

The City of Downey has selected Civic Solutions to prepare an assessment and overlay zone for biomedical facilities. The City currently enjoys a thriving biomedical sector with three hospitals and a number of supportive facilities. Downey wishes to retain their existing facilities and explore regulatory and other incentives to expand the sector. Working in conjunction with The Concord Group, a premier real estate advisory firm, Civic Solutions will evaluate the current biomedical industry, research best practices in biomedical siting and assess how to retain and support existing biomedical enterprises while attracting new businesses to the City. In addition, the Civic Solutions Team will prepare a Biomedical Overlay Zone to reduce regulatory barriers and facilitate the location and expansion of facilities in the City. As stated in the Downey City Council report: “Civic Solutions is the most qualified firm to undertake this endeavor. The Civic Solutions project team has completed several other zoning studies and similar overlay zones. Their understanding of the City of Downey and extensive knowledge and familiarity with local land use issues, practice and research methods, including their use of Geographic Information Systems data, thoroughly impressed staff.”

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