Civic Solutions Completes Economic Development StudyCity of Downey Biomedical Assessment and Overlay Zone

Civic Solutions recently completed work on a biomedical assessment and overlay zone for the City of Downey.
Mary Wright, AICP, Civic Solutions' Vice President, presents the Downey Biomedical Study to the Independent Cities Association Conference.

The City currently enjoys a thriving biomedical sector with three hospitals and a number of supportive facilities. Downey wishes to retain their existing facilities and hired Civic Solutions to explore regulatory and other incentives to expand the sector.

Working in conjunction with The Concord Group, a premier real estate advisory firm, Civic Solutions evaluated the current biomedical industry, researched best practices in biomedical siting and assessed how to retain and support existing biomedical enterprises while attracting new businesses to the City. In addition, the Civic Solutions Team prepared amendments to the City’s Zoning Code to reduce regulatory barriers and facilitate the location and expansion of biomedical facilities in the City.  Amendments included changes to the definitions, purpose and intent statements, permitted use tables and the creation of a new Biomedical Overlay Zone.

The Overlay Zone will add flexibility to existing properties and was applied to five areas of the City based on their proximity to the City’s existing medical facilities, the industrial base, and potential to be utilized by the biomedical industry.

At the adoption hearing on the amendments, the City Council emphasized the importance of Civic Solutions’ work and stated that it will help reshape the future of the City.


Kirt Coury Joins Civic Solutions' Management Team

George Buell Joins Civic Solutions' Executive Team