Mixed Use Design GuidelinesCity of Rosemead

Rosemead was at a pivotal point in the evolution of the City. The Planning Department was faced with processing and reviewing several infill mixed-use projects. Land was scarce, at a premium and every decision was paramount. Rosemead had an opportunity to showcase progressive planning principles in their infill, mixed-use projects that would propel them into the future and create a safe, thriving. urban environment that generated pride in Rosemead’s residents and those who visit.

The firm’s Downtown Solutions team created a set of concise mixed-use design guidelines that addressed the City’s unique set of circumstances. Sensitivity to adjacency issues. parking limitations. and the opportunity to consolidate lots large enough to accommodate compact mixed use projects were detailed. The City desired reference guidelines the Planning Commission. City Council and other reviewing bodies could use as a basis for evaluatng quality of design.

The set of infill mixed-use design guidelines was very well received by City Staff, the Planning Commission and City Council.



Historic Old Town Specific Plan